Cozy Corners

I have to say, this ongoing winter has turned me into a hibernating bear. As you can see, it's been a while since I've posted, and my prolonged laziness can be attributed to these cold dark days and evenings which have made me cling on to blankets, snacks and This Is Us a little more … Continue reading Cozy Corners


Today Is This Kinda Day

Ahh the good ol' post-Christmas days! Lounging in PJs, snacking on homemade cookies, watching movie marathons on TV snuggled under a blanket and pleasantly doing absolutely nothing. Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and wishing everyone a relaxing and cozy Holiday 🙂

Baby It’s Cold Outside

While finishing up my Christmas shopping this week, I stumbled upon a few good sales so I treated myself to a lil' somethin' sparkly and warm.  I picked up this unbelievably cozy infinity scarf from H&M. You can't tell much in the pictures but there are sparkly gold sequences threaded into the wool which adds a nice touch of … Continue reading Baby It’s Cold Outside