Reflections from this Virgo Season

My birthday season was a memorable one this year.

I had a two week vacation and had all the time I needed to rest, recharge and get inspired. We celebrated our wedding anniversary at our camping getaway, I spent time with my family and friends, and I went on dates with myself to the spa and favourite cafés and bakeries around town.

I took things slow.

My free time was spent doing the things I love most: being outside, eating delicious food, nurturing my creativity and being surrounded with the people I love.

I can’t think of a more blessed way to ring in a newly added year to my life.

It was also the season I felt great in my skin. I have been loving my short hair, and I’ve been having fun getting dressed up and putting together new outfits for my current body and size.

From little black dresses and high heels, to pastel skirts and white sneakers, to graphic tees and corduroys, it’s been a good season for feeling good.

Today marks the official end of Virgo season, and the official end of Summer. Today we celebrate the first day of Fall.

I am marking this period in time by celebrating what a beautiful Summer we’ve had, and looking forward at what’s ahead. It wasn’t just a beautiful Summer in the physical sense, but psychologically and emotionally too. This is the first normal Summer many of us have had in over two years.

Being able to catch up on lost times with family and friends is what I treasured the most this season.

This Virgoan cusp between Summer and Fall is when I turn inwards the most.

It’s a time when internal shifts can be felt, and it’s a time when I feel the most at home.

Below I share what this season has highlighted for me in terms of what I’m the most grateful for, what I’m working on and what I’m looking forward to beyond this season.

What I am grateful for

  • Ringing in 37 years on this earth
  • Vacation time
  • My husband’s comforting hugs, and the way he knows when I need an extra long one.
  • Celebrating with my family
  • Laughing uncontrollably with my friends
  • Reaching a safe place where I am accepting my body as she is, and appreciating her health and strength above all else.
  • My therapy sessions

What I am working on

  • Letting go of perfection at work
  • Healing my inner child
  • Accepting that my creativity comes and goes in cycles
  • Accepting people as they are
  • Being okay with changing my mind about no longer wanting what I always thought I wanted
  • Being grateful for what I have, and also desiring more.

What I am looking forward to

  • Being in the present version of myself
  • Planning for the future
  • The coziness of Fall
  • Gatherings and celebrations with the people I love
  • Curious about what else I will learn
  • Continuing to nurture the parts of me that need it

What about you?

Have you had any highlights this season?

Anything you’re learning?

If there hasn’t been anything noteworthy, that is okay.

New seasons don’t always need to be reflected with the physical changes in nature. We each have our own internal seasons and shifts, and their noteworthy moments come and go, and they come back again.

Wishing you a beautiful first day of Fall 🧡🌞 xo

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