An Unhurried Holiday Season

As December begins, I am choosing to be intentional about how I want this season to feel for us.

If I can use one word to describe our overall approach to Christmas this year, I would choose: unhurried.

Unhurried for social events.

Unhurried for gifts.

Intentional in connecting.

Intentional in just being.

After the last two Holidays we’ve had in lockdowns, I can understand the rush to fill our calendars to make up for lost time.

But I have recently admitted to myself that, unlike my pre-pandemic habits, the purpose of this season is meant for us to soak in its charming magic. To really plunge into the Wintery hygge.

To take time and reflect as the year comes to an end. To take time and dream for a fresh year ahead.

Otherwise, why else do we twinkle our trees, spice our hot chocolates and wish for snowfall if it wasn’t meant to be enjoyed in the moment, rather than rushing down a checklist.

The pre-pandemic version of myself always rushed down a checklist.

These days, I tend to rebel against the glorification of busy. I have set out to intentionally take it slow this season.

I’ve scribbled down my intentions for this season in my journal, and I thought I’d share them here.

I want this season to look like this:

  • Less busy calendars, more active downtime.
  • Less text messages, more hand-written cards sent in the mail.
  • Less gift-shopping, more creating.
  • Less traffic, more scenic walks outdoors.
  • Less social media, more present moments.
  • Less digital sharing, more printed photo albums to flip through with a full heart.

Here is how we’ve been applying them practically:

  • We don’t RSVP “yes” to everything. There are only 3 weekends before Christmas this year, so we committed to only 4 social events throughout the month. The other dates are carved out for ourselves.
  • We decided not to host anything this year. If you’re a regular reader on my blog, you know we love to host. We’ll return to hosting some time in the new year when timing feels more at ease.
  • We prioritize having intentional time to enjoy our hobbies and rest on weekends in our beautifully decorated condo, and our neighbourhood bakeries and coffee shops that feel extra cozy this time of year.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m incredibly delighted and excited for some upcoming gatherings we have happily said “yes” to.

Whether it be to bond cozily with my girlfriends over a cookie exchange, to connecting with colleagues in-person that we otherwise only see virtually, to catching up with a group of friends over cocktails and sparkly sweaters, these hand-picked gatherings will energize me in ways that I need.

Most importantly of all, I’m counting down the days I get to sit around a bountiful table with my family on Christmas Day.

All together again in the same room, sharing laughter over wine, memories over home baked pie and dreams for the future over aromatic tea.

If I learned anything from my pre-pandemic life, those squeezed over-committed weekends often made use feel worn out.

I want to connect meaningfully. I don’t want to be rushed or tired in doing something that’s meant to feel nourishing.

Maybe it’s my age and the stage I am in my life, mixed with all the learnings that came out of the pandemic, but the pace that I am enjoying lately is this: less distractions, more connections.

Because aside from candlelit evenings, a good book, a tasty treat and the laughter of the special humans you love, what more do we truly need?

How are you spending your Holidays this year?

Are you also embracing a more simplistic approach as we all start to gather again?

However you celebrate, wishing you a cozy and nourishing season.

xo ❤️

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