Fiesta Decor for Taco Nights

Apparently, a game night soirĂ©e was long overdue as our friends kindly reminded us (ahem, requested). The last game night we hosted was simple and cozy: I made homemade lasagna, and red wine and Cards Against Humanity were enjoyed until the wee hours of the morning. This year we wanted to try out the game … Continue reading Fiesta Decor for Taco Nights


Cozy Game Night

Hosting a game night is probably one of my favourite kind of social gatherings to host. It's laid-back, cozy and it guarantees an evening full of hard-to-breathe laughs while playing old faithful games or learning new ones. These photos are from a past games night we hosted - party of 6, snacks, homemade lasagna, and … Continue reading Cozy Game Night